Massage Therapy for Health and Fitness in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

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Lockdown Level 2

On the recommendations front regarding how we are expected to work within Level 2:

  • I am welcoming all clients who are *well*, with no communicable illness. I will ask you a few questions to ascertain if you've had any contact with anyone with Covid-19, or travelled etc, in the last 2 weeks.
  • I will ask you to go and wash your hands with soap and water in our toilet room at work, directly before coming into my clinic room (as I always do before I start a massage).
  • I will offer you a new face mask out of the box, should you like to wear one during our session. I won't be wearing one as I can't breathe properly and risk passing out if I do wear one - plus it's recommended *not* to wear one as you're breathing in your own carbon dioxide and droplets and risking negatively affecting your own immune system. A note - the blue 3-layer, surgery style masks last 3 hours before they're moist enough to not be efficient any more, then they're supposed to be discarded and replaced - or washed, if they're washable.
  • I will be cleaning the most often touched surfaces regularly (door handles, etc) and of course changing my massage table linen after every client, as I always have. I will be cleaning the head cradle and arm rest after every client.
  • I will be keeping a separate written log of all clients that come to my clinic - names and contact phone numbers - so that, should the need arise to quickly contact anyone who shows any illness after seeing me, we can trace them efficiently.
  • I will have hand sanitiser available in my clinic room, if the need arises to use it (for you, or me).
  • If you're happier waiting until level 1, or after that, to come see me, I totally understand.
  • Remember that one of the best immune boosters are positive and joyful thoughts (keep fear at bay as best you can!).
  • You do you, I'll do me, and we'll meet in the
Go well!