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Free 10-Minute Muscle Testing

Absolutely no obligation.

skeleton with muscles
Healthy knot-free muscles contribute to a healthy pain-free body with easy movement.

Come  and get an assessment of the health of your muscles / posture / range of movement.

No obligation.

Our bodies are amazing structures, capable of wonderful self-healing, if the balance is right.

Without our muscles, tendons and ligaments (our "soft tissues") we'd be all but a pile of bones on the floor. Our soft tissues do a lot of conscious and unconscious work on a daily basis to keep us going. 

A happy, healthy pain-free body is the optimum - however, life and circumstance or injury sometimes gets in the way.

With knowledge can come positive change.

  • You may surprised where some of your tension areas lie.
  • It's not unheard of for clients to report no areas of tension or pain. Commonly, during a session for these clients, areas of discomfort are discovered - sometimes as a complete surprise to the client.
We have a saying in the industry: "The issues are in the tissues."  Muscles hold "memories" of previous trauma and chronic adverse stress.  

How well do you know your tissues?