Massage Therapy for Health and Fitness in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men."

A Philosophy For MassageA Philosophy for Massage

Therapeutic massage is commonly defined by massage therapists as "the manipulation of soft tissue by trained therapists for therapeutic purposes". This definition leaves it sounding cold and scientific and, while many of the benefits can be scientifically measured, some are far more complex than that.

Touch is multi-faceted and different for each person. The benefits of receiving qualified, respectful, safe touch should not be under-estimated.

And one cannot touch without simultaneously being touched. So it is mutually rewarding - as therapists, it has been proven that we benefit too.

SharonSharon has always found a deep pleasure and sense of purpose in helping others and fully realises the importance of touch in one's life. The thought of aiding people to heal with the placement of loving, respectful hands is empowering and she excitedly enjoys helping many people.

Sharon's working and travelling life has exposed her to an incredibly wide variety of people, from different countries, careers, ages and walks of life. As she has travelled, from job to job as a temporary secretary, and from country to country, she has become more successful at recognising the common energy that links and feeds us all. It is encouraging and inspiring to feel this common link wherever one goes.

Sharon has a true love for, and interest in, people - their lives, experiences and journeys. She enjoys hearing and sharing, increasing her well of knowledge, enabling her to increase her capacity for compassion and love for all people.