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Preventing and Managing Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS)

Preventing and Managing Occupational Overuse Syndrome is a practical one-hour training session for up to 20 people, provided in your workplace.

The aim of the course is to empower people with better information about the early stages of OOS conditions, and provide them with practical methods of self-care to minimise harm to their bodies and maximise health and happiness in the workplace.

With the changes in the Health & Safety Act, employers are now more responsible for ensuring that employees are informed and take responsibility for their own health, along with providing a workplace where this is encouraged.

Early awareness of pain, discomfort and movement restrictions can help ensure something is done in the early stages, so that the condition doesn’t occur or, at least, doesn’t worsen.

Course participants will go away with more knowledge about their muscles’ function and why we feel pain, information and practical exercises/stretches to alleviate some of the pain they may experience, and a sense of their own power in helping themselves.

The 60-minute session covers:

  • How muscles work
  • Muscular and skeletal causes of pain in our bodies
  • Symptoms of OOS
  • How posture, breathing and movement affect the body
  • Practical exercises for prevention of OOS
  • 5 most important stretches for computer users
  • Better breathing techniques to manage stress levels

Participants are provided with a handout of effective stretches for later reference.

Sharon is able to cater the presentation to your particular group (including playstation and computer addicted teenagers!) - please let her know of your specific needs and circumstances.


Cost: $130 within the Hawke's Bay area
Attendance: up to 20 people

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