Massage Therapy for Health and Fitness in New Zealand

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Client Comments

Client Comments

Here is what some of Sharon's clients have said about their massage experience:

Peter, RC Priest

I have, over the past 12 years, had a massage with a massage therapist. Prior to coming to Napier in 2012, I was in Wellington and, due to the stressful nature of my professional work, and for my own self-care, it was suggested to me that I consider having a fortnightly massage.

On arrival in Napier, via the website, I found Sharon. I have been with Sharon for five and a half years. During this time I have found her to be a very gifted massage therapist. Why? She is so professional in her work, she is welcoming, a very good listener, very discreet, trusting and she has the ability of being able to get a sense of what is happening from a physical and emotional perspective.

I have always left her, after receiving a massage, with a sense of well being. Out of 10 I would give her a 9.8 - no-one is perfect but, with regard to her massage, and as a person, she is ever so close to being a 10!!

Annette, Forestry

have always left her, after receiving a Thank you so for the massage... I can't believe how good I feel. After coming in being a big, knotty, tight mess! Thought you were going to really hurt me, but no pain whatsoever, you are awesome! 

Philip, Computer Services

I sought massage with trepidation. I am disabled and as such, am an extreme physical challenge. I felt trepidation over how the person doing the massage would treat me physically and also professionally.

Since that first appointment, I've not looked back. Sharon's ability to listen and understand the individual needs of the client, knowledge of the body, and her respect of people and the professional standard is the highest I've seen in many a year.


Cherie, Real Estate

Meeting Sharon has become a very valuable part of my life, her knowledge of massage and her professionalism and personality is superb. She has a very good way of making you feel very much at ease whatever the situation may be, be it stress or injury related. I certainly would recommend Sharon without any hesitation at all. She is a Gem.


Fevronia, Natural Therapist

For some time, I have been frustrated with Massage Therapists. I do not feel like I am getting a decent professional job! Being a Natural Therapist myself, (the last 13 years) I am well aware how body treatment should be, feel and how a practitioner presents themself. Sharon is professional, polite, has a lovely bedside manner, and is knowledgeable and competent when it comes to the body.


Rudy, Finance Manager

I started coming for massage mainly for my upper back problem, since then, I noticed a very big improvement specially when in the office in front of the computer for hours, the massage and the stretching really helps a lot. I always feel better the day after the massage specially when I play golf the next day. I noticed that I swing more better and reduced the stiffness of my upper back. Sharon is very professional and knowledgeable and can easily detect the problem areas of your body without telling her. I already recommended her to some of my golf mates and I can recommend her again to any body who wants to fix their aches and pain. I am sure that the massage helps to cope stress and help your body to recover for overwork, playing sports or after a session in the gym.


Suzi, Executive Assistant & Counsellor

"…Sharon Elsworth … has a true healing gift that shows in the way she treats her clients. I have now discovered what professional massage is all about, and the difference in so many ways between a trained massage therapist and one who's not. Not only does Sharon have an amazing grasp of the human body and its intricacies, she also has an amazing heart. Her heart contributes greatly to her unique ability to help you heal yourself; as she puts love into her work as well as extensive physical skill."