Massage Therapy for Health and Fitness in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

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Bodywork Techniques
Bodywork Techniques

Most massage sessions involve a variety of the following techniques, depending on the needs of the client.

Relaxation/Tension Release Massage

The importance of both relaxation and adverse stress are often underrated. With today's lifestyles, adverse stress is beginning to break down our bodies. In the relaxation state, the body can self-heal.

The main intention is to relax the client, staying well within comfortable pain levels. Muscular tension release will occur but focus remains on encouraging the release of “feel-good” hormones, increasing the body’s ability to cope with stress.

Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue Massage

This will address serious or long-standing muscular tension and knots. Identifying areas of dysfunction and adhesion, the muscle is worked with, and against, its fibre direction until realignment is achieved. It can be uncomfortable/painful for short periods, but is extremely beneficial for restoring optimal function. A full massage session would usually entail shorter segments of this type of treatment.

Polarity/Energy Balancing

A very gentle, subtle form of bodywork performed largely with hands off the body, the outcome of which is to change and/or balance a client’s energy field (or “aura”) - deeply relaxing and energising. The improvement in a client’s energy field has wide-ranging positive effects.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage consists of very light, rhythmic strokes in a specific pattern towards the main drainage areas of the body.

It is very helpful for any oedema (swelling from excess fluid in the tissues) and especially for anyone who has had lymph nodes removed. It benefits women who experience bloating during their monthly cycle (or post-menopause) and to also help in recovery from injury.

The lymphatic system has a group of collection vessels and organs that cleanse the blood and return it to the circulatory system. The body’s lymphatic system is closely tied in with the immune system.


Ortho-Bionomy is gentle positioning of the body to achieve muscular relaxation and re-education. It is very good for chronic/long-standing neck tension and headache syndromes. It includes honouring the position the body is in as its place of maximum comfort and, through exaggerating “what is”, the body feels comfortable enough to release the muscles that are holding it in a less than optimal position.

Ortho means "the correct use of", Bio is "life" and Onomy means "the principles or laws governing" - loosely translated from the Greek, you have Ortho-Bionomy (O-B), the correct use of the principles of life.

Fascial Release

Fascial release is a subtle, gentle technique to balance the cranium - great for alleviating headaches, scoliotic (s-bend in the spine) patterns and pelvic dysfunction.

Fascia is a thin tissue that covers all the organs of the body. This tissue covers every muscle and every fibre within each muscle. All muscle stretching, then, is actually stretching of the fascia and the muscle, the myofascial unit. When muscle fibres are injured, the fibres and the fascia which surrounds it become short and tight. This uneven stress can be transmitted through the fascia to other parts of the body, causing pain and a variety of other symptoms in areas you often wouldn't expect. Myofascial Release treats these symptoms by releasing the uneven tightness in injured fascia.

Holistic Pulsing

Holistic pulsing is a rhythmic, gentle rocking of the body or its parts - allowing for interaction in a holistic partnership with the client with a view to initiating deep relaxation and an awareness of restrictions on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Helps mobilise all the body fluids (circulatory, lymphatic, cerebrospinal and intracellular), the joints, musculature, organs and systems.